Multi-Function Laser Tool At the Farbtech international laser show in Atlanta, we shall be presenting a new concept for laser cutting, welding and 3D applications, regardless whether CO2, fiber or Nd:YAG. If you could not be there, or missed the opportunity to see it but you would like to learn more, please use the contact form, or call us directly. 

Welcome to LT Ultra Precision Technology GmbH

Manufacturers of precision laser optics, optical components and complete precision-engineered machines.

Our portfolio can be broken down between optical components and devices and ultra precision machines and their associated components.

Our optical products include metal laser optics, metal optics, precision machining in optical quality and beam delivery equipment.

Within our ultra precision technology program you will find complete complex process machine tools and their technologically associated components along with interferometer measurement equipment.

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Optical Products

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Ultra-Precision Technology

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Latest News

beispielhaftes Projekt

This is the poster displayed at the RCE/ERDF (Regional Competition and Employment / European Regional Development Fund) show in Mannheim that highlights exemplary projects and included LT Ultra.