We offer a wide range of ultra-precision machines (UP machines) for your production. With us you get the full range of UP processing machines: turning machines (lathes), flycutters and up to 5 and more axes, UP and micro machining centers. Furthermore, you will receive all our machines in the configurations for grinding, polishing and lapping.
If you do not find what you are looking for in our standard range, contact us! From a simple customization of a production machine to a complete redesign, our engineers are at your side and together we can find the most effective solution for your application.
Under the category special machines you get a small overview of the possibilities.
If you are just getting into the field of UP or micromachining or do not currently have the necessary human resources, we also support you in the process development for your product. Here you benefit directly from our decades of experience as a machine manufacturer and contract manufacturer.
If you do not currently have the necessary infrastructure for your own UP production, then contact our Metal Optics and Tools department and have your product manufactured by us in our contract manufacturing.