Rauheitsmessung, Optik in OFHC-Kupfer
Rauheitsmessung, Optik in OFHC-Kupfer
Control system: Delta Tau Power Pmac
short cycle times
Programming resolution: < 1 nm
CNC-Axes: up to 256 axes
Bearing types: Hydrostatic (oil)/aerostatic/mechanical precision bearings
Drives: Linear/torque motor, spindle drives, piezo drives, belt drives…
Travel path: From a few microns to several meters
Measuring Systems: Resolutions down to the picometer range
Dimensional accuracies: of < 100 nm PV
roughness values: of < 1 nm Ra
  • Too lchanger
  • Workpiece changer
  • tool measurement
  • process monitoring
  • in-line measurement technology (optical, tactile)
  • minimum-quantity lubrication systems
  • extraction
  • precision temperature control
  • multiple machining processes in one coordinate system
  • FTA (FastToolAxis)
  • balancing solutions


Special purpose machines – CUSTOMized

Special purpose machines are our specialty. We are able to adapt our standard machines to your needs within a short time or to develop and build completely new machines for your application.

Typical applications of our special machines are:

  • UP-grinding, -polishing
  • UP-turning, milling
  • Ultra-precise measuring setups and UP measuring machines
  • Lathe centering
  • Laser machining
  • Engraving / die sinking


Our extensive know-how allows us to accompany you from process development through the design and detailed construction of a suitable machine to measurement, commissioning and the start of production in your plant. In addition, even maintenance or product adjustments if necessary.

Contact person

Dr. Kai Schmidt
First name: Dr. Kai
Last name: Schmidt
Responsible for: Development and construction, special purpose machines
Phone: +49 (0) 7552 – 4 05 99-69


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