Ultra-precise machines for hybrid optical elements

Unser oft gelesener Beitrag „Ultrapräzise Maschinen für hybridoptische Elemente“ ist dieses Jahr in der englischsprachigen Sonderausgabe der microPRODUCTION zu finden. In dieser Sonderausgabe werden die „Highlights“ des Jahres zusammengefasst. Our often read article about “Ultra-precise machines for hybrid optical elements” can be found in the special edition of microPRODUCTION. This special edition contains the highlights of the year.
– Miniaturisierte Hybridoptiken
– Diffraktive Optische Elemente
– Mechanische Mikro- und Nanobearbeitung
– Messtechnik
– Miniaturised hybrid optics
– Diffractive optical elements (DOE)
– Mechanical micro and nano machining
– Measuring technology
Ultra-precise machines for hybrid optical elements (PDF Download)
„Erscheinen in microPRODUCTION 01/21, www.microproduction.eu“
Ultra-precise machines for hybrid optical elements (PDF download)
„Published in microPRODUCTION 01/21, www.microproduction.eu“
Die Variant in deutscher Sprache finden Sie hier:
Ultrapräzise Maschinen für hybridoptische Elemente (PDF Download)
„Erschienen in Mikroproduktion, 4/19, www.mikroproduktion.com“
The article in German language:
Ultrapräzise Maschinen für hybridoptische Elemente (PDF download)
„Published in Mikroproduktion, 4/19, www.mikroproduktion.com“

„Replicated curved DIFFRACTIVE optical elements are used, e.g. to miniaturise spectroscopic systems, although manufacturing the master is time consuming and cost intensive. Flexible ultra-precision machining provides greater freedom in optical design but requires precision control of machine tool and process.
As a part of optical analytics, optical spectroscopy is an interdisciplinary technology in various growth markets, including industrial sectors like medical technology, energy, and aerospace. The current trend towards miniaturisation while simultaneously increasing the functional integration level, combined with increasing customisation and growing cost pressure, calls for flexible production methods that are capable of meeting the stringent quality standards for optical analytics.”…